Thursday, 22 December 2011

Christmas Haikus by CrestOfFire

How To Write A Haiku

Christmas time is great (5 - Topic [Christmas time being great])
The presents and the mulled wine (7 - Expanding [The stuff that makes it great])
Really fun to have (5 - Conclusion [Why it's great; the end])

The Haikus

Sleigh-bells clash and ring,
The sound of Santa's reindeer!
How I love that noise.

Oh, hi, Miss Robin!
Is it winter already?
You need to store food.

Mr. Turkey: "Don't eat me!"
 "You missed Thanksgiving by MONTHS!"
"Go eat Mrs. Goose!"

You see Mrs. Goose,
Standing by the carving knife.
"Please don't eat me? Please?"

Ate her anyway.
Heartless, but she tastes so good.
Om nom nom nom nom.

Ghost of Goosemas Past.
A Christmas Carol remake?
Not another one.

Goosemas Present, now.
People eat turkey and goose.
Goose is expensive.

Goosemas Yet To Come!
The goose I dread above all!
"Please don't eat me, goose..."

The goose ghost eats you.
That will hurt in the morning.
Oh, wait... maybe not.

You see your grave there.
Ebenomzer Goose. That's you.
Oh, no! That's your grave!

You're dragged towards it.
Like in the Disney movies.
Pit o' big despair.

It's OK, you'll wake.
That guy in the movie did.
You're not that guy, though.

Haiku magic fades...
Only enough for one more...
Must have more haikus.

Goosemas day is over,
Yes, you survived the whole thing!
A Happy Goose Year!

Made by CrestOfFire
The Flame of Eternity~
Now, I say goodbye.

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[attempting to reestablish]
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