Tuesday, 30 November 2010


Well, what can I say. I sent off the revamped version of 'The Great Egg Mystery' to an agent. She's full at the moment but has asked me to send it back in the new year with the name of a lovely lady in her office whom I should send it to. I've been told that this is progress. Has my persistance paid off? I'm not sure so I shall have to wait until after the new year, a new year a new start maybe? I am delighted not to have recieved another automated response though. The fact that someone has actually taken the time to ask me to return it is great as all that I have recieved so far are rejections that don't provide any information at all, just 'it's not suitable' or 'doesn't have the necessary edge'. I understand that they are very busy, I don't think a writer can improve without good feedback though so they owe it to another agent to just be honest as it'll save someone else recieving a submitted manuscript that needs work. I do sometimes think that it may be easier to get my book published if I were a celebrity as they appear to be doing a good job at the moment. Alot of them are at it, even the ones that are not so famous, they are all knocking out books. The ghost writers must be rushed off their feet. Not only do I have other writers to compete against, I also have the dead ones, the published ones and now the celebrities. This doesn't feel like an equal race to me.

 I've found it very difficult to get good feedback. By good I don't mean 'wow, it's fantastic, the best thing I've ever read' as, although it's flattering to the ego it does nothing more. By good I mean 'you need to change the name of the duck and you need to check your grammar in paragraph 2.' I have found a few people who are willing to do this though so not all is lost, hence the revamp of 'The Great Egg Mystery.' I am so very grateful for this an in time I hope to return the favour to someone else.
I have spent the last month thinking of 30 picture book ideas as part of this: http://taralazar.wordpress.com/
I should say that it has taken me all month to think of them as the challenge is to think of one idea a day for 30 days. I would be lying if I said that it had taken me this long though. I look forwards to seeing what this has to hold for me.

 I still have a vacancy for a fairy god mother (or god father). Will pay in good karma should they ever show themselves and I guarantee that this will be returned to another budding writer or two in the years to come.

Friday, 19 November 2010

Is no news good news?

Little editor is still at school so I apologise in advance for any spelling or grammatical errors. I never said I was perfect.

Well, the agency I quite liked turned me down. I wasn't given any other details other then they are very busy. Ah well, nothing ventured and all of that. Finding an agent is very difficult, it's like trying to climb a 50 foot wall blindfolded and with your hands tied together. Rejection is rife and there's very often no details given as to why, meaning that he poor writer can't see where they are going wrong. Agents and publishers want something that is commercil, something that will earn them money. A writer who goes into this industry shouldn't be in it just for the money as the chances are that they won't earn a lot of it anyway. I just love to make people smile, even if it's just for a short time. A book has the potential to lift spirits and change the way that a reader views the world. This is a reward in itself, I do need to eat though.

 I'm not really getting anywhere agent wise. I'm in need of a fairy godmother (or godfather) to work some magic and give me a hand. There are plenty of sites that offer mentors; for a price. I have looked into this as I do need some guidance (don't we all) but be wary. It's expensive and there's no guarantee that it will all work out as all writers are at the mercy of the agents and the publishers. They can produce a fantastic, well written book but if it doesn't tick the right (commercial) boxes then that's the end of the line. I am questioning whether my books are commercial? How many parents would be willing to splash out own one of my books? That's the million dollar question that I have no answer to.
I do (so I've been told) write very well. 'You've really got something here.'  I've also been told that I'm very creative. Where's the problem you may ask? Classic. I've been told that the world doesn't want classic books any more. They want something 'edgy', something new. I'm still not sure how anyone can make an 'edgy' book for a 5 year old, have a primary school child selling illegal drugs to their teacher so they can buy sweets maybe? I'd rather not. I'll stick with the farm animals thanks.

 Best of luck to all of you. If you meet a fairy godmother/godfather along the way please tell them I'm looking for them. Many thanks.

Friday, 12 November 2010


Self doubt.

I only watch the first few couple of episodes of the X-factor. I begin to feel pity for the contestants after this, the ones who think they are the next Madonna who are beyond rubbish in particular. It makes me look at myself and wonder whether I see the things I am doing in the same rose tinted glasses. It's good to know your limitations; I was never made to be a ruthless business woman or to produce a modern masterpiece worthy of the tate. Self doubt isn't helped by other people, the ones who call you 'a weak student' for example. I'd love to send her a copy of something I've written and something that's been published. I have a whole character based on this human dementor.

 I started writing, not because I thought I was good at it or the next JK Rowling, but because I've finally found something that I enjoy. I have plenty of ideas for books, about 75 since September and I'm sure that some of these are not worthy of any agents/publishers time so I've written them down and will return to them at some point. I do get plagued by self doubt. I am aware of those who think they are wonderful and have no clue about how talentless they really are. I do wonder if I'm just as bad. Time will tell, maybe I am or maybe something life changing will be in my inbox tomorrow or the day after.

 I can not give anyone advice on this. It's not helpful to be too critical of yourself but it's not helpful to be ignorant. Writing isn't like singing though, there are courses which help writers improve but if you're tine deaf then you're knackered if you want to sing. I might look into a course, something that's cheap, local and is school hours though. Drop me an email if you know of one please. In the mean time, keep at it.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010


julietbrough@yahoo.co.uk should anyone wish to get in touch. I will not be answering questions about bra sizes, nor do I need viagra or penile enhancement products. Should you wish to send emails about this then don't be offended if I don't reply as I just don't have the will or the time to answer. My life, as is yours, is very precious. Make every moment count, don't bother sending emails like this, why not go outside and watch the birds fly through the sky and take note of the colours of the buildings around you. You'll get more enjoyment out of this.